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Moots Bikes

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Moots Routt Gravel / Cyclocross / Adventure Bike
$7,199.95 - $9,069.95
Meet the Routt: your dream gravel, dirt, adventure, cyclocross bike. This is your do anything go anywhere bike that will last a lifetime. Moots' legendary craftsmanship is at its pinnacle with the Routt. This gravel bike is based on the performance of the Psychlo X (the Moots cyclocross race bike), but is a bit more relaxed and stable giving a tailor-made ride for long days in the saddle. Utilizing U.S.-made titanium throughout, the Vamoots Routt is balanced, light and snappy for exceptional handling, and offers what Moots calls "timeless durability." Features abound, such as clearance for 38mm tires, a full 44mm head tube for precise steering, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and amazing versatility. Acceleration, cornering, climbing: Moots has mined your dreams to create this titanium handbuilt bike called the Routt. YBB is available on the 50, 52cm models and adds $270 to the Price.
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